Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

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Enhancing First Time NCLEX-RN Passing Rate among Nursing Graduates from Cape Breton University: An Evidence-Based Suggested Plan

The Future of Nurse Practitioner Education: Trends, Innovations and Opportunities, 2023

International Student and Educator Lived Experiences with Intercultural Nursing Education in Canada

Interdisciplinary and Non-Traditional Programs in Graduate Education

Demystifying Social Media for Academics, 2020

Introduction to the Canadian Health Care System

Practice Changing Articles in Family Medicine: Deprescribing Benzodiazepine Receptor Agonists  Current Evidence and Guidelines

The Normalization of Mobile Devices in NP Education

MSK Assessment – Clinical Workshop

Nurse Practitioner Role Transition From Both Sides of the Parchment

Preparing an Abstract

Job Satisfaction of Canadian Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners

Not Your Average Participation Method: Social Media Engagement for Graduate Students

Ethics in the CAF

Cultivating Student Resilience and Well Being : COVID Pandemic as an Exemplar

Not Your Average Participation: Social Media Engagement for Online Communities of Practice

A Snapshot of Clinical Educational Experiences of Advanced Nurses Worldwide

Strategies to Improve Support for Parents of Chronically Ill Children

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